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The work shoes that lighten your workload

Work in comfort and safety

In a hazardous, physically-demanding working environment, it's very important to wear the right shoes. If you wear the wrong footwear, your knees and joints will be overloaded and you'll soon experience pain everywhere. And soles that are too smooth can easily lead to nasty falls.  

‘Even after busy shifts, I don't have sore feet!’

Watts Footwear supplies the ideal work shoes or safety shoes to the (food) industry. They are made from flexible, lightweight material in separate women's and men's models with 4 different removable insoles. This means they fit every foot perfectly, and are very comfortable to walk in. The shoes are anti-static and anti-slip in accordance with legal standards. And they're also easy to clean.

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With Watts, you stay in control at work

 With our work shoes you won’t experience any pain after a working day
✓ Even if you have had to walk a lot
✓ They are wonderfully soft and comfortable
✓ You can clean them very easily
✓ And they will embellish your boring work clothes completely

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