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Reviews from medical professionals

Discover why everyone is happy to wear Watts Footwear

Our innovative medical shoes have been tested by around 200 medical professionals. All of them gave Watts Footwear glowing reviews. Read some of their experiences here:

‘Thanks to Watts Footwear, I no longer experience back pain after a long working day. I'm very satisfied that you can clean the shoes.’  - Cathy, Anaesthetic technician Flevo Hospital

‘The cushioning and the wearing comfort of Watts Footwear mean I no longer experience tired feet and legs after work. I use the insoles that came with the shoes, and they suit me very well. My colleagues really liked the design of the shoes.’  - Chantal, Independent surgical assistant


‘The shoes are comfortably light and have a good foot bed. They absorb impacts well while walking, and they fit very well.’  - Jan, Anaesthetic technician Isala Clinics


The shoes are very easy to clean, which I'm very happy about. Before, I always wore sneakers, which couldn't be cleaned well.’  - Danielle, Operating theatre nurse

‘Watts Footwear is soft and light. The insoles that came with the shoes are really good. All the same, next time I'll choose insoles that make the shoes narrower. My employer chose the colour, so I couldn't choose that.’  - Jeroen, Anaesthetic technician Spaarne Hospital

‘The shoes fit well, are soft and have comfortable soles.’  - Aurora, Anaesthetic technician Radboud University Medical Centre


‘I used to wear sneakers at work. With Watts Footwear, I suffer much less from tired legs. My colleagues now want to buy them too.’  - Kim, PACU nurs, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital

‘The shoes fit very well; they are very snug all around. They are very comfortable to wear. The Supportplus insoles provide comfortable but sturdy support. If new colours are made available, I would like them in cherry.’  - Marieke, Operating theatre nurse

‘Watts Footwear is very comfortable to wear. It's also great that you can wash them.’  - Peter, Operating theatre nurse


‘The shoes are very comfortable and pleasant to walk in. Even after a busy shift when I've walked and stood a lot, I don't have sore feet. I use the insoles that came with the shoes, and they suit me very well.’  - Stef, A&E nurse Erasmus MC


‘The shoes from Watts Footwear have a comfortable foot bed, are flexible and pleasant to walk in.’  Jolie, Surgical assistant Isala Clinics


‘For me, the benefits of these shoes are that they are lightweight, the removable insoles, that they fit well and that they are easy to keep clean. And they are good-looking for medical clogs! I wear orthotics, and they fit inside easily.’  - Zwanie, Anaesthetic technician University of Utrecht

‘The shoes provide adequate support, are comfortable and are easy to clean.’ Alice, independent operating theatre nurse ’  - Alice, Independent surgical assistant

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