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The perfect shoe for demanding work environments:

  • With our work shoes you won’t experience any pain after a working day
  • Even if you have had to walk a lot
  • They are wonderfully soft and comfortable
  • You can clean them very easily
  • And they will embellish your boring work clothes completely
With Watts you walk on clouds

Watts Footwear: Comfort and hygiene brought together in one shoe

You face a difficult dilemma in environments where hygiene is very important: you spend all day walking and standing, so you want comfortable footwear. But hard plastic shoes that are easy to clean are so painful that you can hardly walk by the end of the day. With Watts Footwear, you no longer have to choose between comfort and hygiene: Our shoes are made from flexible, antibacterial material and perfectly fit every foot. All in one shoe!

Our award-winning collection

The success of Watts Footwear

✓ Perfect fit for men and women
✓ Insoles for narrow feet, extra support and moisture absorption
✓ Anti-bacterial and hygienic with MICROBAN technology
✓ Anti-static and anti-slip in accordance with CE EN 20347 SRA standard
✓ Environmentally-friendly cleaning at 40 degrees – also in your washing machine at home

Meet Jos and Eddy

Comfortable, hygienic, safe and beautiful shoe!

The perfect work shoe
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